The Dry Firewood Company is an independent wood fuel supplier, providing the highest quality kiln dried firewood logs, delivered free of charge to customers throughout Northern Ireland.

Having been involved in planting deciduous woodland for nearly forty years, we are passionate about using kiln dried hardwood as a premium wood fuel. Delivered directly to customers, cut to optimum sizes to fit most wood burning stoves and open fires, and packaged in framed crates that can serve as log stores or in bulk bags, this product exudes quality and delivers real value for money.

Some suppliers sell seasoned or fresh-cut green logs, often dumped loose in the driveway and requiring handling and stacking. The Dry Firewood Company, instead, delivers tidy crates, neatly stacked or bulk bags placed where required. Quality of product and quality of service are the watchwords of the Dry Firewood Company.

All our products are sourced from well-managed, sustainable  forests.