Why should I buy from The Dry Firewood Company?

Our kiln dried logs are premium quality hardwood, with extremely low moisture content. That means you don’t waste energy drying out the logs on your fire, so you don’t waste money.

We aim to provide the highest quality products and service in the wood fuel sector, making ordering and delivery easy and offering great value for money.


Why buy kiln dried firewood?

Dry firewood burns much more cleanly and at a higher temperature than partially seasoned or green firewood. Moisture in logs can lead to tarring and flue problems, which is why most stove manufacturers recommend well-seasoned or kiln dried firewood for use in their stoves.

Firewood should only be bought by volume and never by weight. Heavy firewood is usually wet firewood, which burns poorly, gives out less heat and leaves deposits in your chimney. Kiln dried firewood will be lighter in weight and much better for burning.


What species are the logs?

We only sell hardwood logs. At present, the main harvest is Ash, which is renowned as one of the finest species for burning. Some suppliers stock mixed species and others purely softwood. Neither of these produces as good heat output, value or consistency as the pure hardwood stocks supplied by the Dry Firewood Company.


How should I store my firewood?

Firewood can be kept outdoors with a waterproof cover on top of the stack, with open sides and raised off the ground. Our 1-cubic-metre and 2-cubic-metre framed pallets serve as ready-made log stores, requiring only a waterproof cover on top – and they’re FREE! Alternatively, you can store your delivered wood fuel in a well-ventilated shed.


Need more advice?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on any wood fuel issues, we are also happy to recommend suppliers and installers of stoves, fires and wood fired boilers. Feel free to email us by clicking here.


How was the product or service you received?

If you liked our products and service, please tell others. If for any reason you didn't like them, please tell us. Our aim is to be the best wood fuel supplier in Northern Ireland so we welcome all feedback and will go that extra mile to address any problems you may have.